Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sketches & Sculpture

Hey guys!
This week I have a new sketch I'm working on to show you, along with an update of the illustration that I have been working on of the alien chief. But before that, check out this awesome sculpture my dad got for me. Can you tell what it is? :)

Here's the illustration, still in values stage. I'm still playing with the bottom left and will likely change it.
A couple of other fixes (like the feet, if I can manage to fix them) and I'll be on to more precise lighting and then coloring.

And last but not least, I achieved a fairly decent result working in the perspective. Will likely expand upon this vehicle later.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Although I know it doesn't look like it (I'm a little backed up on blog posts), I have been drawing!
Mostly practice stuff, boxes and what not. Here are just some of those items!

First, we have a box man! He's a sad box man.

I've been working attempting to get things I sketch into perspective.
Here's one of those attempts, need a lot more practice.

So I tried something a little simpler and more familiar. I think what
I struggle with most is doing boxes in perspective that are angled up or down or off to one side.
The Beehicle for example starts off with a normal box in perspective (at the front), but then angles
down on the next section, and then up etc etc.

Trying to improve form, somewhat organic.

I like the car...